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One Night Standoff cover

(Same book, 2 covers)

One Night Standoff cover 2

One Night Standoff

(In Progress)

Never say never

Words to describe Madison Monroe: responsible, dependable, staid. Definitely not the type to hook up with a stranger at a wedding.

Madison‘s dreams are all coming true. After marrying off her little sister in a theme wedding in Hawaii, Madison returns to L.A. with the prospects of becoming a partner at an illustrious architectural firm and finally having the funds to fulfill a lifetime wish of rebuilding her grandmother’s beach house. Madison’s promotion is contingent on landing a big deal—the design of the international headquarters for a gigantic software company. Secure in her ability, she’s already mentally picking out new curtains, but her dream bubble swiftly pops when in walks her new client who happens to be her one and only one-night stand. She had no idea that the geeky-hot Alex she shared one amazing night with was, in fact, Alexander Becker, CEO, and founder of Becker Industries. Now, Madison’s in a pickle, walking a thin line between pleasing her boss and pleasing her client.

Bring on the games

Alex Becker has been told more than once that his work-life balance is off the rails. But what’s a guy to do when responsible for thousands of paychecks? Ranked number one on America’s Hottest Bachelor List for the second year running, Alex would rather hide in his work than participate in such a silly world. But suddenly fun and games are all he’s thinking about as life just handed him one juicy plum in the form of Madison Monroe. The sexy workaholic is just as driven as he is, and just as determined to keep him at arm’s length. Alex is all-too-skilled at getting what he wants. And what he’s after now is to see Madison sweat.

This workplace romance brings together two career-oriented ball busters, in a reevaluation of the meaning of life, love, goals, and dreams.

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Book 4 of the Billionaire Playboy Series

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