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Caught in the Bluff cover

Caught In the Bluff

(Writing in progress)

She thought she was marrying one twin but that's before the other took his place...

I return home to find my twin brother gone, and my mom in dire straits. What’s the problem, you ask?

My twin is about to make a marriage of convenience to an old family friend for reasons I’m not quite sure. But he’s missing without a trace.

No word, no phone, he didn’t even take his wallet…

I should be freaking, but unfortunately that’s not at all unusual for him. What is odd is that he’s left my mom and his soon-to-be-bride high and dry.

I have no doubt he’ll turn up at any second, but until then I’m stuck. I’d do anything for my mom so it only takes a small amount of her tears to make me cave.

For what you ask?

My twin’s engagement party with me playing the groom to be.

And that takes me to my next problem.


She’s more than I remember from my youth and then some. And while I’m trying to keep her at arm’s length because she can’t know of our switch, she says she wants to get to know one another. As in, my brother. Her fiancé.

It doesn’t take me long to figure out that the trajectory of my world has been altered from this point on, but what about her? Is she suspicious, smitten, pissed…?

I don’t know, but I do care. And now I’m in big trouble.

I'm literally stuck in a bluff.

This is a modern day, spiced up, retelling of Georgette Heyer’s Regency tale False Coulors.

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