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Dashes on White

Married for a minute, but in his debt for... forever?

What if you accidentally, kind of on purpose, fudged some financial docs with your ex-husband to get a fledgling business off the ground? No big deal. He’s been out of sight, out of mind, for almost eight years. But now he's  coming back, and she's freaking. Little towns didn’t keep secrets…

Contemporary. Steamy. Small Town.

Book 1 of the Rocky Mountain Romance Series!

Coming Soon!

Forever In Your Debt
The Billionaire's Revenge cover 2

​What will a spoiled billionaire do to revenge himself on the one woman to ever break his heart?

Contemporary. Steamy. Office Romance.

​​Book 1 of the Billionaire Playboy Series!

Coming Soon!

The Billionaire's Revenge cover
Dashes on White

Coming Soon!

Mysterious letters throw together a feisty biologist and an ex-Army Ranger, taking them on the adventure of a lifetime through Central America.

Contemporary. Action Adventure. Sexy. Love Story.

Book 1 in the Jungle Romance Series!

Tropical Entanglement cover
The One That Caught My Eye cover 2


How do you choose between two men that are both soooo right and oh, so, wrong?

Contemporary. Steamy. Sibling Series.

Book 1 of The 'One' Series!

Coming Soon!

The One That Caught My Eye cover
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