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Macy Miller cover

Macy Miller's Disastrous Decision

A new contemporary romance coming soon...

Former beauty queen and aspiring nurse, Macy Miller, is desperate to get out of small-town Tennessee, wanting to forge a better life for herself and her daughter, away from the judgmental glass walls that have held her prisoner her whole life. At her last hope, Macy makes a daring decision and applies for a scholarship, pretending to be something she's not. Unfortunately, secrets don’t last long in small towns and the brittle duct tape holding her life together starts to fail as this shocking lie lands on the town like a land mine in the middle of a cherry pie.

With what feels like the whole town shunning her, her ex after their kid, and her boss persecuting her for a piece of a*s, only one person appears to have her back. And that’s her childhood neighbor Jackson Wall, former small-time country singer turned big biz commercial contractor who sees right through her lies to the deepest darkest hidden corners of her heart.

The swoon-worthy muscular shoulders of Jackson Wall are broad enough to take the blast from a dozen land mines. There’s more than a little chemistry there, and yearning too, but thoughts of anything more than friendship are impossible since he’s forbidden fruit while her precious scholarship (a.k.a future) is at stake.

Get out and stay out was Jackson Wall’s one-time mantra. He’s only back in town long enough to bury his father, help his ailing mother, and deal with his piece of a brother. Already up to his knees in mucking his way through his own family’s affairs, why shouldn’t he wade into another person’s pile of dookie as well?

Especially when that someone is Macy Miller.

The beautiful, angelic fantasy of his youth may look like a delicate flower, but he knows only too well that she’s built with a spine of steel. There was a moment, years ago, that they both let slip away. Yet it doesn’t take long to figure out that long-forgotten chemistry never dies between two similar souls looking for peace.

What they each want is right in front of them, yet a million miles away.

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