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Estimating You

Estimating You

Writing in Progress!

Brilliant biochemist, Hannah Kirkpatrick, is a little on the eccentric side, too obsessed with her formulas for love and relationships. When her post-grad gig of creating a line of skin care products took off, she temporarily put the big city career she’s always dreamed of on hold, but now it’s finally time to move on. Tasked with training the sexy, arrogant big-shot hired to take over her baby, Hannah has a hard time letting go. And an even harder time not strangling him.

Simon Chase thought taking over as lead inventor, and curator of a famous brand of skin care products would be a walk in the park and a nice step back from Corporate America. But this small-town gig is way more complicated than he initially thought. Among his biggest problems is a feisty, introverted, and slightly coo-coo cutie-pie that dazzles his mind yet stirs his ire in a way that no woman has before.


Can these two get along long enough to cook up something special?

Book 6 of the Rocky Mountain Romance Series

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