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Forever In Your Debt

Forever In Your Debt

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Rebecca Martin considers herself pretty boring. There’s nothing elegant or sexy about helping take care of the family dairy farm or running her small business of health-conscious skin care products. So why do her friends suddenly feel the need to spruce her up into the image of Heidi Klum?

Welcome to Little Bend, Colorado, where everyone knows everyone else’s business. The news of the return of Becky’s ex-husband hits the town gossip mill like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Colton Shaw, town black sheep, and prodigal son, returns after an eight-year absence with big business, as well as a beautiful assistant, at his heels.

Becky’s marriage to Colton might have lasted only hours but left a crater in her heart a mile deep. That’s why boring old Becky finds herself not in the least bit interested in Colton’s return. In fact, she’s so not interested that she’s ready and willing to accept the advances of the town’s sexy new hardware store owner.

The town watches, titillated, as both Colton and Becky disregard any attraction between them. And while their lives can’t help but intertwine once more, they both strive to keep their hearts from doing the same.

Book 1 in the Rocky Mountain Romance Series

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