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His Inappropriate Proposal cover

(Same book, 2 covers)

His Inappropriate Proposal cover 2

His Inappropriate Proposal

(Writing in Progress)

Corrine Fujiyama is almost ready to leave her life as a personal assistant to CEOs and strike out on her own. She just needs a little more time and a little more money. She may or may not get there, since her current gig involves babysitting the world’s most obnoxious playboy. He might be number three on America’s Hottest Billionaire List for the fifth year running, but money and looks ceased to impress her years ago. So when her boss gets himself into the ultimate jam, will she bail him out or let him rot?

No one takes Lee Ross seriously, not even himself. Born into generations of money and the sure knowledge that he will take over the helm of the family computer chip empire one day, his future was secured for him at birth without his consent. His only pleasure in life: annoying his all-too-hot-and-prim assistant that stirs his passion and ire at the same time. Lee can’t help acting up (or down) to her expectations. But when his family goes too far and selects him a bride with the perfect pedigree, Lee puts his foot down. The only way he can get out of an unwanted marriage is to marry someone of his choice first, but whom can he find on such short notice? It hasn’t escaped his notice that Corrine’s been scraping together funds to start a venture capital firm. Maybe a deal could benefit them both?

The proposal:

  1. He’ll make a large investment in her company.

  2. They get married and stay married for a minimum of six months.

  3. He’ll temporarily pause his bachelor ways, but they have to fool everyone that they’re the perfect love match.


Can they cohabitate that long without losing their heads? Or their hearts?

o Enemies to Lovers

o Boss vs. Secretary

o Fake Marriage

o Battle of Wills

o Playboy Reformed

o Beach-cations

o Sexy. Billionaire. Romance.

Book 2 in the Billionaire Playboy Series

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