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Love, Spy's, and all things Rocket Science cover

Love, Spy's, and All Things Rocket Science

(Writing in progress...)

Two years ago, I was carefree, single, and solvent. Six months ago, I was debating divorcing my not-so-nice husband and biggest mistake of my life. Today, I’m staring down the gun barrel of the debts I got stuck with when the a-hole died.

And not just any debts.

It soooo not fun when guys like Tito the Torturer and Mario Knee Breaker show up on your doorstep every week demanding cash. I’m cleaned out and scrambling both inside and out. I will take any job I can get my hands on to keep the cash flowing and my fingers affixed to their nubs.

So when the gig to become biographer to sexy brilliant billionaire Maxwell Anderson came my way, I jumped on it.

And I’d jump on him too if it weren’t for the fact I’m definitely off men. Even a man that blows my mind as well as my lady parts to pieces. Every. Living. Day. Max is yummy with two y's and a whole lots of mmmmmm's.

I can’t get away.

From him, my troubles, or my feelings.

And that makes me one dangerous woman…

My life moves at a million miles a minute with projects going to the moon, Mars, and who knows, maybe the outer nebula. You name it, I’m doing it. I’m rich, powerful, and dare I say, not too shabby in the brain box.

But I’m not invincible.

Nor does it appear I’m impervious to threats from the CIA. They’re going to hold my contracts, patents ransom—my goals and my future—if I don’t play ball.

And all they want from me is to get up close and person to Alexandra Galogre and ferret out all her secrets. Apparently, this honeypot’s father is some famous Georgian molecular biologist and a person of interest to our government. And they’d really like to know what he’s up to…and potentially her as well.

Yeah, my tech in the wrong hands could prove disastrous. That's why my security is so tight. So what’s the CIA’s brilliant plan? Make this potential spy and nefarious person my faux-biographer? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Espionage and danger factors aside, I really don’t mind, because Alex is hot…

As in, like the sun.

My sun.

The closer I get to her, the hotter I become. And the more I doubt I'm doing the right thing.

Is her innocent pose for real, or is she playing a deep game?

Playing me?

All I know is I’m not cut out for spy games, heart games, or playing the hero…


Espionage. Crazy Inventions. Comedy. And Sweet Heated Romance.

This is an updated, thrown on its head, adaptation of the fun and zany 1966 film Glass Bottom Boat starring Doris Day and Rod Taylor.

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