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The Billionaire's Revenge cover

(Same book, 2 covers)

The Billionaire's Revenge cover 2

The Billionaire's Revenge
Coming Soon!

Life has its moments of sweet, sweet revenge.

Robert Latus has everything—looks, brains, wealth, and a list of centerfolds at his beck and call. As the founder and CEO of a gigantic tech firm, he’s just been ranked number four on America’s Hottest Billionaires List…again. So why does one cute barista have him thrown?

Stepping out of his high-rise onto the plebeian downtown streets of Seattle, chance brings him to a homey little coffee shop and face-to-face with the only woman to ever brake his heart—his high school sweetheart, Brandi Moore. Robert can’t help but want to show her what she missed out on all those years ago… and treat her to the same bitter disillusionment.

Preservation is the mother of all success.

Brandi Moore is rebuilding after her career in high finance crashed and burned thanks to her cheating ex-husband, who left her stranded, broke, and facing a board of inquiry. Cuppa Italia may not have been her first choice for renewal but was sold to her at a price she couldn’t refuse. With her talent for numbers, she’s turned the coffee shop into a profitable little workhorse, but a mountain of debt remains, keeping her teetering on the edge of insolvency. Enter Robert Latus, offering a staggering sum to use her business as a guinea pig for his new software. But when things start brewing, Brandi gets more than she bargained for.

Can Brandy withstand Robert’s platinum-level wooing? Or will she fall for a man and lifestyle that, in the past, brought her only pain?

Can Robert maintain his plan for retribution, or will his walls crumble under Brandi’s gentle touch?

o Billionaire vs. Barista

o Revenge of the Heart

o Second Chance

o Single Parent

o Rags to Riches

o Coffee Shop Comedy

o High Tech Stakes

Book 1 in the Billionaire Playboy Series!

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