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The One That Stole My Heart cover

The One That Stole
My Heart

(Still dreaming!)

When in doubt, don’t.

Travel journalist and hopeful novelist Haley—fresh out of a broken engagement—figured taking a last-minute assignment writing an article for an exotic travel magazine about the Andes was a good way to lick her wounds. What she does not expect to find in the Chilean underbrush is a thrilling, if hairy, adventure of a lifetime with a sexy-as-all-getup biologist.

When in doubt, do.

Andy Hannson is good at surviving just about all the perils of the South American continent—be they people, animals, or habitat—but he may have finally met an exception. With killer legs and luminous eyes that strike him dumb whenever they fall upon him, she’s the most dangerous creature he’s ever met. His favor for a friend to play tour guide becomes froth with peril in ways that are as scary as they are unexpected.

o Road Trip Adventure

o Jungle/Exotic Locations

0 Journalist vs. Biologist

o Opposites Attract

0 Fake Engagement

o Sexy. Fun. Adventure. Romance.

Book 5 in The ‘One’ Series!

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