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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away cover

(Writing In Progress)

Kate Hansson ditched Jake Ellington in Hawaii after a vicious fight, ending a long romance that started in high school. Kate returned home to Santa Cruz, California, giving up her dream career in Oceanography to take over a historic restaurant—an inheritance from her quirky great uncle. Six years later, she's content in life and all but given up on old-flame Jake when he abruptly returns one day, throwing her life, as well as her closely guarded secrets, into chaos!

Kate's secrets:

1. She's never stopped loving Jake.

2. She's three months away from being hitched to another man.

3. She kind of, sort of, maybe...hid the fact they have five-year-old twins.

Kate must juggle truth, lies, and impossible explanations before Jake finds out the truth. No small task, when easy-going, devastatingly attractive Jake is determined to pursue a rosy, if non-descript, future for them.

Kate's choices:

1. Marry her fiancé, who promises security and certainty in life.

2. Fall for Jake again and risk everything on true love and the hope that Jake has finally changed.

o Restaurateur vs. Wandering Playboy

o Second Chance/ High School Sweethearts

o Secret Twins/Secret Fiancé

o Spicy. Fun. Beach Romance.

Book 2 in The 'One' Series!

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