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The Picasso Theory

(Writing In Progress...)

Iceland her I come!

The perfect spot to restart, reset, my life plan. I might be on plan three-thousand-and-something, but whatever. One of these days I’ll find my place—my calling. And when I do, I just know it’ll hit me like the proverbial strike of lightning.

I’m waiting…but so far, the only thing to hit me is a grumpy French chef with literally a ten-pound mackerel. I guess the universe has different plans…

I buried my heart years ago under ten tons off regret, grief, and anger at the curve balls that come out of nowhere. I never expected that organ to beat again. But there is something about the sexy, messy, wreck of a woman that is Miley McHaven that is admirable and calls to me.

She’s a walking, talking, disaster on heels. It’s funny—almost laughable—but she seems to never give up.

So maybe neither should I…

o Second Chance

o Opposites Attract

o French Chef vs Klutz-aholic

o Grumpy vs. Sunshine

o Mending Heart

o Girl Trip

o Discovery/Finding Place/Peace

o Resort Retreat

o Sexy. Fun. Romance.

Book 1 in Falling For Iceland Series

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