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Elizabeth Richardson is a boring Biology professor turned nature book writer whose most common experiences with hot men are watching them on Netflix. But two months after her eccentric grandfather’s death, she is plunged into the adventure of a lifetime that takes her to a secret island and a trek across the wilds of Central America—juggling mysterious clues, ancient inscriptions, and a deranged drug lord obsessed with ancient artifacts—accompanied by an all-too-hot-and-confident ex-soldier who could be her own personal action star. An independent loaner by necessity, Liz does not do partnerships, relationships, or anything that might threaten the carefully constructed walls around her heart, but her new companion is infuriatingly skilled at penetrating her defenses, and might be her best chance of survival on their crazy quest.

Ex-Army Ranger, Gabe Malone, has spent the last four years of his life repairing his damaged karma after chasing bad guys all over South America left some pretty deep wounds. Honoring the plea of a dying man, Gabe has promised to protect the man’s granddaughter at all costs…even when she continually scorns his help. Gabe has shied away from connections of the heart as he knows he can never be “soccer dad” material, but that all changes when one feisty, sexy woman shows him what life could be like on the other side. She insists on keeping him at arm’s length. Too bad he doesn’t take orders from anyone anymore.

Stuck (literally) between a rock and a hard place, Gabe must safely navigate his recalcitrant charge through one hostile encounter after the next, protecting two things—her and his heart.


o Forced Proximity

o Enemies to Lovers

o Ex-military hero vs. nerdy professor

o Bodyguard/Protector

o Road Trip

o Beach/Tropical

o One Bed

o Steamy. Jungle. Adventure.

Book 1 in the Jungle Romance Series!

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