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When a priceless antique necklace goes missing from a museum in Rio, restoration specialist, Analia Holmes, is on the hook for its loss. Determined to solve the mystery of the missing necklace, Lia quickly realizes there’s more to the story than simple theft. A powerful Brazilian crime syndicate takes exception to her inquires, and she freaks, seeking shelter in the vacant apartment of her mysterious neighbor. But when her neighbor shows up in the middle of the night, she mistakes him for the bad guys and shoots him. Oops.

Tanner Deck really hates being shot. Especially by sinfully hot gun-waving brunettes doing a Goldilocks in his bed. He’s seen enough bullet holes to last a lifetime after his decade long career in Special Forces, but helping right wrongs has been his mantra for as long as he can remember. So once he’s patched up, and the raving would-be murderess explains, he can’t help but come to her aid.

Together, this odd match is swept into the adventure of a lifetime that takes them to the wildest corners of South America, uncovering a massive forgery ring. But possibly the most dangerous things they face along the way are the truths they divine about themselves.

o Opposites Attract

o Mistaken ID

o Ex-Military hero vs. Art Expert

0 Forced Proximity

o Bodyguard/Protector

o One Bed

o Art Heist - Mystery

o Sexy. Jungle. Adventure

Book 2 in the Jungle Romance Series!

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