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(Still Dreaming...)

Showing a girl a good time has always been at the top of DJ Ward’s list of healthy lifestyle choices. As captain of a Special Op’s peri-medic unit, his life is all about finding adventure in unexpected places.

​Sharing a wild night with an enchanting blonde found at a beachside paradise - done.

Taking her skydiving in the Amazon- done. ​

But when his thrill-seeking companion turns out to be a runaway heiress with an unfortunate proclivity for being kidnapped, DJ gets more than he bargained for as his feeling for this cutie are way too close to the danger zone.

​Harley Madison just wants to run away from her problems. Preferably to the ends of the earth where no one, not even her Billionaire grandfather, can find her. Sinfully hot paratrooper DJ seems like the perfect answer to her ennui. As the son and grandson of Generals, DJ knows what its like growing up around the rich and powerful. But when their fantastic one night and morning after turn sideways, getting them mixed up in the Brazilian illegal gold mining trade, Haley must face some uncomfortable truths about her lifestyle choices. And DJ may be the one man on earth who can save her from her folly.

o Opposites Attract

o One Night Stand

o Ex-Military hero vs. Heiress

o Bodyguard/Protector

o Fling

o Adventure - Mystery

o Sexy. Jungle. Adventure

Book 3 in the Jungle Romance Series!

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