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Wandering Hearts

Wandering Hearts

Still dreaming!

Helicopter pilot, Luke Martin, just left the military with a bad injury and tons of scarring (both visible and not). Coming home to the family dairy farm, he's looking forward to a fresh start for himself and the seven-year-old daughter he barely knows. What sounds like a simple plan turns out to be anything but, and now he must turn to an old flame for help.

Ex-model, coffee shop owner, and entrepreneur, Courtney, turned down fame and fortune for the wholesome life of Little Bend, Colorado. Her history with the hunky, stubborn and scarred brother of her best friend is filled with past pains and a whole lot of could have been. As the apple of his daughter's eye, she knows how much he needs her help. Will she be petty and let him figure out fatherhood on his own? Or will she succumb to his all too prevalent charms and secure the future she's always dreamed of?

Book 5 in the Rocky Mountain Romance Series

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